Private Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy sessions are individualized to help you reduce and alleviate pain, release tension and improve function through relaxation, breath awareness and gentle movements which foster ease, strength and stability.

Following each 1-hour session, you will receive a customized home practice program to address your specific needs and health concerns, including:

  • back, hip, knee & sciatic pain
  • neck, shoulder, elbow & wrist pain
  • recent, old & repetitive strain injuries
  • muscle tension & stiffness
  • osteoporosis & age-related discomfort
  • chronic health conditions
  • anxiety & depression
  • cancer treatment
  • recovery from surgery
  • motor vehicle accident rehabilitation
  • sleep disturbances

Yoga Therapy is often the most suitable way to begin a yoga practice for those living with health issues and discomfort, and provides a safe and intelligent movement program which complements other rehabilitative therapies.