The Story of the SI Joints: The Problem Isn't Where The Pain Is!

The Story of the SI Joints by Joanne Hudspith

Once upon a time, there was a Sacroiliac Joint - also known as the SI joint (We’ll call it Simon). It lived between the sacrum (the base of the spine) and the ilium (the back of the pelvis), and it was a place where lots of pain showed up.

Unfortunately, most people blamed Simon for the pain – they called him bad, accused him of acting up, and then put more pressure on him than before by trying to fix him. This made Simon sad, because it wasn’t his fault at all. He was just responding to other things that were happening in his neighbourhood.

Because the place he lived in was so densely populated, whenever something happened in one place, it affected everyone else. When the femur was having a hard time fitting in to the hip socket, it put pressure on Simon. When the arms and shoulders were carrying a heavy weight and put pressure on the spine, it affected Simon. And because Simon lived where the pain showed up, everyone blamed him for it.

Then one day, someone was watching the neighbourhood and they saw that sometimes, as the spine did something funny when the legs were working really hard, Simon said “ouch!” And they realized that it wasn’t Simon’s fault. They saw that he hadn’t actually done anything bad, but he just happened to be between the legs and the spine. So the neighbourhood watch asked the legs to try again, but with a little less effort, and without the spine moving. The legs tried, but they were so used to having their way that it was difficult for them to move with the spine in mind. But they wanted to be good neighbours, so they kept trying. Each time they tried, the spine moved a little less, and Simon felt a little bit better. Finally, the legs were able to move without the spine moving, and Simon felt great.

When this happened, the back felt better also, and the shoulders and arms felt stronger. The legs also noticed that they had more energy and stamina. Simon was so happy that everyone was feeling better, including himself, and no-one was blaming him anymore. Simon and his whole neighbourhood lived happily ever after. 

The end.