Adaptive Movement for Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Preparing for or recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery? Join Joanne, a certified Yoga Therapist, for an adaptive and rehabilitative practice designed to make the waiting period less painful, improve post-surgical outcomes, and offer a solid foundation for getting back to your desired activities. In this series, you will learn slow and accessible movements to strengthen muscles in the hip & leg chain and build core stability & upper body strength. Improving overall function will not only help decrease pain as you wait, but will make post-operative physiotherapy easier and more effective. As meditation is a proven tool in managing chronic pain, mindfulness will also incorporated.

A small group setting and relaxed pace guarantees individual attention, support and problem-solving for your unique challenges as you prepare for and recover from surgery. 

Mondays, January 7 to April 1
2:00-3:15 PM
$$300.00 + HST
for 12-Week Session


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