Joanne Hudspith

Joanne has been teaching at Andrea Soos Yoga Studio since 2005. As the studio transitioned to Therapeutic Yoga in 2011, Joanne was astonished at how quickly she saw positive changes in the bodies of people she had been teaching for years. She was also amazed by the differences she was feeling in her own body – old nagging pains were disappearing, she was sleeping better, and was able to resume the cycling & hiking she’d given up because of pain.

Motivated by these experiences, she completed a Therapeutic Yoga Intensive training with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy in 2012, and successfully earned her IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) Certification with Functional Synergy in 2014.

As an accredited Yoga Therapist, Joanne is thrilled to share her learning with both her group classes and yoga therapy clients in helping people improve function, reduce pain, and get back to the activities they love.  Her teaching includes elements of rhythmic and developmental movement and explorations in somatics.  She is also well-studied in the ethical precepts of yoga - the yamas and niyamas - and how they relieve suffering and bring healing to our lives 'off the mat'.

As a breast cancer survivor, Joanne has understanding and empathy for those on healing journeys, and acknowledges the role of her yoga practice in her own healing.