Andrea Michaluk

Andrea Michaluk has been teaching at Andrea Soos Yoga Studio since 2003. She received her yoga teaching certificate from The Hamilton Yoga Institute in 2001, but it was as a student of art that Andrea first began studying human anatomy and learned how to caretake a particular moment in time. She holds a Bachelor of Art honours degree from the University of Guelph where she majored in Art History.

In addition to being a working artist, Andrea is dedicated to advancing her teaching, and has received her Functional Anatomy certification from Jayelle Lindsay and studied Therapeutic Yoga with Susi Hately. She has furthered her study of meditation at the Upaya Zen Centre in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and is particularly influenced by Mary Bond's work in somatics and Katy Bowman's approach to natural movement. 

Andrea is a Nutritious MovementTM certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, having completed a 2-year program in 2017 with Katy Bowman, M.S., founder and director of The Nutritious Movement Centre Northwest in Washington State.  Katy is a Biomechanist and Movement Ecologist  known for her radical, counter-culture health directives.  She is also the author of eight books on natural movement, human development and diseases of captivity.  Andrea's training included a year-long biomechanics course, online Nutritious MovementTM classes and mentorship by RES certified instructors.  She also participated in an Advanced Biomechanics course and attended a live training in Sequim, Washington with Katy Bowman herself.

Restorative Exercise is a whole-body movement program which utilizes corrective exercises, alignment adjustments and lifestyle changes to better move all trillion of our body's parts!  The movements, or 'Correctives', are designed to decrease our body's 'sticky spots', recognize strength holes, and help our brain learn new motor programs.  Andrea is pleased to offer Introductory workshops and classes in Restorative Exercise as new additions to her teaching at the studio.

Along with her weekly classes, Andrea has taught workshops for kids, runners, walkers, and 'the art of the foot', and is continuously inspired in her own practice and by her students.  Having grown up alongside a sibling with a hearing loss, Andrea is particularly sensitive to communicating this ancient art well to those of all ages and abilities.