Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions regarding participation in yoga class.


What do I wear?
Suitable yoga attire includes loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement, and bare feet. Shorts that are too loose or too short may not be appropriate.
Do I need to bring equipment?
We ask that students bring their own yoga mats; however, there are a few on hand to borrow if necessary. The studio is equipped with blankets, bolsters and other props you will need.
Where do I change?
Change rooms are available in the studio for your use, and washrooms are down the hall.
What do I do with my belongings?

To keep the yoga room clear, please leave shoes, coats, clothing & backpacks in the changerooms. You may keep your purses & wallets at the back of the room.

What do I do when I arrive?

Many use this quiet time before class to enjoy the silence and rest. Please respect those around you and take your place quietly, limiting conversation to a minimum before and during class.

What should I do if I arrive late or need to leave early?

If you enter the class during the beginning relaxation, please join in quietly. If you must leave before the end of the class, please let your teacher know ahead of time and take a few minutes to relax before you go.

Should I eat before coming to class?

Yoga is best practised on a relatively empty stomach. Eating a few hours prior to class is recommended to avoid discomfort.

What is the benefit of registering for a session vs. dropping in intermittently?

Our seasonal enrolment (4 sessions/year) enables us to provide consistent class sizes and guarantee your space and comfort. Over the course of the session, beginners receive a sequential & comprehensive introduction, and experienced students watch their practice evolve as we build on concepts weekly.

What if I miss a class?

Missed classes may be made up anytime during the current session in which you are enrolled. Please view the class schedule for availability. It is not necessary to book in advance – simply let your teacher know you are making up a class.