Opportunity for movement exists everywhere you look

As seen in The Dundas Star on January 17, 2017

Re: Pull-up and push-up bars great idea for Hamilton, Dec. 22.

I read with interest this letter to the editor regarding adding pull-up bars to our outdoor spaces.

What a terrific idea, and I would add that natural pull-up bars exist all over in the form of trees.  When we hang, we call on an entirely different set of motor programs than we might use when we practice something like a plank on the ground.

And when we include varying textures for our hands to grip, we create a unique cellular response as our body adapts to these new loads.  Hanging, swinging and carrying things are completely natural movements.  So perhaps the next time you are sitting at the playground watching your kids play, join them on the monkey bars.

Those trees in your backyard and surrounding us?  Find a sturdy branch and start hanging.  Start carrying your groceries if you’re able, instead of pushing a cart or using a backpack.  Not only will you bring a new stability and vibrancy to your shoulder girdle, you’ll be improving blood, lymph and electricity flow throughout the whole body.

We go to the gym in an attempt to fit in some exercise and yet “exercise” is only one category of movement.  The opportunity for movement exists everywhere.

Andrea Michaluk